The French Horn Experiment

Explore the French Horn through the ear of an amateur composer and horn player. Whether you're a diehard hornist or you're not sure whether it's the one with the slide or the one with the little bell, come find out why this is such a beloved instrument.

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Friday Apr 17, 2020

An overdubbed recording of myself playing Eric Ewazen's Woodland Quartet for Four Horns.

Sunday Mar 01, 2020

Etudes are awesome (citation not findable).  Take a listen through some of the least etude-esque horn studies, and discover that if you turn some of them into horn quartets, it turns out that they are better than some concertos which shall go unnamed (in this paragraph at least). Warning for sensitive french horn players: this recording contains Kopprasch.  And Gallay, Reynolds, Saint-Saens,  and Maxime-Alphonse.

Saturday Jan 25, 2020

There you are, staring at rests on your French Horn part while some other instrument plays a spectacular solo.  What's a player to do?  Easy - steal their parts!  Let's take a look at how other instruments' music works on French Horn! Transcriptions include Debussy's Syrinx, the Prelude from Bach's first cello suite, and the first movement of Dvorak's String Quartet #12 "American".

Wednesday Jan 08, 2020

Everyone knows the French Horn for its place in movie soundtracks, and, unfortunately, its place in Sousa marches.  But what other music is this versatile instrument a part of?  Listen along for an odyssey through the evolution of an instrument from baroque to modern music.

Tuesday Dec 31, 2019

Welcome to the French Horn Experiment's first episode, which was written, peformed, and almost released during the holidays.  Sit back and listen to some holiday classics transcribed for the French Horn, and let's talk about this amazing instrument!

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